You’re fired :( Now what ? - Staying employed and staying employable

Presented by Hugh Blemings
Target audience: Developer


Despite the overall positive trajectory of the Tech sector over the last few years, this same period as been an unusually tumultuous time for many individuals in the FOSS community. Corporate restructures, company closures and patches of just plain bad luck have seen eminently capable folk suddenly without a full time job, often with little forewarning. This talk will draw on the experience of FOSS community members and the author to present concrete strategies for staying current with “employable” technologies, practical things to do if you should unexpectedly find yourself out of work and finally a grab bag of hints and tips around networking, using Linkedin, preparing CVs/Resumes and putting your best FOSS foot forward.

Presented by

Hugh Blemings

Hugh Blemings is a long term contributor to the Free/Open Source Software commons in a range of roles encompassing a developer, manager and volunteer. He has developed kernel and user space code, designed open hardware and managed some of the world's best FOSS development teams. Hugh has been involved with a voluntary capacity on the council of Linux Australia for many years including a term as President in 2016 and is a former member of the Linux Foundations Technical Advisory Board. He is passionate about both the technical side and the human side of Free Software/Open Hardware. When not doing FOSS related things he is a part time musician and full time Dad based in Melbourne, Australia.